Post Match Report: 23rd March Ladies 3rd XI

Post Match Report: 23rd March Ladies 3rd XI

By Philippa Messenger
24 March
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....highly tuned ladies 3s #smashedit in style

Portsmouth 1-2 Yateley

The 3's this week were fueled by bubbles, birthday cake and the smell of sambuca...

Most of the team had ventured to the sea ahead of the game, but only Nay Nay decided an ice bath was better before the game rather than after..

A few foggy heads were not going to get us down for we get up again...and push on.

Straight out the gate Yateley played like a bat out of hell. With pressure & great skills with quick passing the ball was with Caty running down the right wing with a view of the backboard.... Boom Faster than the speed of light .. GOAL. Within the first 5 minutes it was Yateley 1- Portsmouth 0.. the goal followed by a chorus of *Happy Happy birthday ** for the Simply best goal keeper... Gill...

Back at the centre -. Restart..Portsmouth fought back hard but Yateley continued to push forward with some near ( and not so near.. cough...shots on goal... Cj scuffing the pitch on her shot on goal- *Mama Mia.. here she goes again. swoosh and a tumble...

Nay and Anna running around keeping the ball in our possession giving it all and a Little respect too.

Fighting for the ball and doing some great triangle play Yateley managed to keep the score 1-0 at half time..

Half time break...Oranges.. Captain Sensible gave a happy talk speech + a few sweets for a sugar hit and done!!.. These Yateley sisters are doing it for the win!

Second half saw Portsmouth fighting back and pushing into the D... a slight case of * oh sit down * and the Portsmouth player goes down in the D.. Gill may have helped her sit down.. woops, penalty flick awarded... 1-1.

Rachel, Caty, Chantel and Jax hungry for goals..keep pushing the Portsmoth defence and pressure the goalie.

Not to give up a good fight Yateley were straight back in the game pushing forward... running ragged.. Carol even managed a full rolly polly on the pitch.. coz *maybe she will be the one to save us..*?

Defence were solid allowing very little chance for Portsmouth to enter the D, they must have wondered how to get past our wall. Alice intercepting Portsmouth passes... Laura belting the ball so it wasn't stuck in the middle, instead back up the Portsmouth end and Carol.. not letting anyone through, meant Portsmouth were feeling the Yateley Fire.

Amazing work on the left saw the play move towards to Portsmouth D... bit of magic and boom Nay..smashes one from top-left D... straight in the goal.. no messing - what a star.. 2-1 to Yateley...


Skippa flippa and Jess nail the tackles and gain the ball feeding Anna and Nay with great calling and short passes move the ball back to the attack...

With only 2 min left on the clock the last push.. Keeping possesion Yateley took advance and tried to keep pressure going till the bitter end... whistle goes....Portsmouth are History....Yay. **WE are the champions,** well for today anyway. It was a Rockin' weekend!

MoM goes to: Alice.. who the F*** is Alice.. ;)
DoD CJ....check you out!

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